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Learn About Home Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Learn About Home Energy Saving Tips for Summer

It is important to review energy saving tips for summer to ensure your home stays cool and efficient throughout the season. When the temperatures rise and humidity develops outside, your home’s air conditioning system can go into overdrive. However, there are some important tasks you can perform to keep your home as cool as possible, even when outside temperatures increase drastically.

You may wonder about the best temperature to set the thermostat in summer. This is an important factor when it comes to efficiency, since it determines how much energy your unit will utilize. It is also important to review your fan settings and ways to control the temperature in your home naturally. By obtaining information about a professional energy audit, you can learn about keeping the inside of your home cool throughout the summer months. To learn more about the ideal fan setting for summer and other important energy saving tips for the hot months, review the following sections.

General Energy Saving Tips for Summer

If you are wondering about the best air conditioning temperature setting for energy saving in your home, it may be beneficial to consult with an energy efficiency professional. Some utility companies may provide professional energy audits for free or low-cost to current customers. By asking a professional to audit your home’s energy usage, you can learn more about both the small and big projects you can complete to make your home more efficient. With a consultation, you will learn about:

  • Additional equipment you can buy to increase energy efficiency.
  • Repairs or replacements of parts to make existing equipment more energy efficient.
  • Maintenance you must complete for your equipment to operate at optimal levels.
  • The best settings for your current equipment to gain the most efficiency.

Additionally, a professional can show you how to keep your house cool in summer naturally, such as by keeping windows and doors shut during the heat of the day. An energy audit is helpful because it provides you with insider information on the current energy efficiency of your home.

If you concerned with how to keep your house cool in summer, you should consider asking for a detailed energy audit. A simple assessment will only provide you with your home’s energy efficiency score. However, a detailed assessment takes much longer and requires specialized equipment. With this in-depth assessment, the professional can tell you about any serious problems with your home’s energy efficiency, such as air conditioning air duct leaks or a lack of proper insulation.

What is the best temperature to set the thermostat in summer?

If your home is equipped with an air conditioner, you may want to know the best summer AC temperature to keep the thermostat at for the utmost energy efficiency. The exact temperature you choose to keep your home cooled at in the summer is a matter of personal opinion. However, to keep your home as energy efficient as possible, you should set the thermostat as high as you comfortably can when you are home. If you have a family member who suffers from a medical condition that is exacerbated by heat, it is important that you keep the thermostat at a low enough setting to keep him or her comfortable and healthy.

If you are concerned with how to lower electric bill in the summer, keep in mind you can increase the temperature on your thermostat when you and your household members are not in the home or when you and your family are sleeping. However, be considerate of elderly or disabled family members, children and pets. Ensure that you continue to keep your home’s temperature at an appropriate level that will keep everyone in the home comfortable.

What is the best fan setting for summer?

You can lower your average summer electric bill by ensuring you are utilizing your home’s ceiling fans correctly and efficiently. In the summer, your fans should be moving in counterclockwise directions. This will ensure the fans can provide a windchill effect in each room. If you do not currently have ceiling fans, you should consider installing these fans to make your home more energy efficient during the warm summer months.

If you have ceiling fans but are still concerned about summer energy saving, consider the installation of a whole-house fan. This fan pulls the warm air from your home and pushes it to exit through the attic. It can be turned on during the warmest part of the day to assist your air conditioner in bringing down the inside temperature. While the whole-house fan uses energy to operate, it can make your air conditioner more efficient.

How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer Naturally

There are additional important energy savings tips for summer that you can perform without buying additional equipment or spending money replacing your home’s current elements. To ensure your home is performing with optimal energy efficiency, you should keep your window coverings closed during the day. The daytime hours are usually when the sun is out, which can do a lot to heat up your home drastically. By keeping your blinds and curtains closed during these bright and hot daytime hours, you can help your home to stay cooler. You should also ensure your windows are always shut during these times of the day and that there are no gaps that can allow air to flow through your windows.

Your exhaust fans and ceiling fans are helpful for moving air through your home. However, if you want to keep homes cool in summer, you should turn these fans off when you are not in the room. Leave your exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen on for only a few minutes or until there is no more cooking or shower steam. You should also turn off the ceiling fan when you leave a room. This can ensure you are not using energy unnecessarily by keeping these cooling elements on when they are not needed.

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