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Learn About LIHEAP in Idaho

Idaho LIHEAP is an assistance program that makes heating more affordable to low income families and aids families in the avoidance of utility service disconnection during the winter months. By providing energy assistance in the coldest months of the year, the state helps to provide a warm, safe and healthy environment for low income households, especially those containing young children, the disabled and the elderly. This program provides three types of assistance in Idaho, general assistance, emergency assistance and assistance with weatherization efforts.

If you are in need of utility assistance in Idaho, you are strongly encouraged to learn more about this program and the various types of benefits that your family or household may be eligible to receive. In addition to reviewing potential benefits, it is important to review eligibility requirements associated with the program as well as how to apply for benefits.

Learn About Types of LIHEAP Energy Assistance in Idaho

By providing heating assistance and weatherization efforts in Idaho, the state aids low income families in baring the cost of heat in the coldest months of the year, thus safeguarding the health and safety of residents within the state. In Idaho, this low income home energy assistance program provides general assistance, crisis assistance and assistance with weatherization measures.

Energy assistance is available each winter beginning November 1st of each year. Grants are provided to eligible households in the form of a payment directly to the utility company. The grant is then placed onto a household’s utility account in order to help cover the cost of past due, current and future bills. Assistance is only available in the winter months as cooling assistance is not available within the state. In the event of an emergency, such as if a household receives a disconnect notice or has less than 48 hours of bulk fuel, emergency assistance may be provided in order to avoid a complete disconnect of heat to a home. Both homeowners and renters are eligible to receive assistance, so long as other eligibility requirements have been met.

Idaho LIHEAP also provides financial assistance towards the weatherization of a home. When applying for weatherization, a home’s energy consumptions and needs are assessed in order to determine what measures may help a household save money on energy bills throughout the year. By providing weatherization aid, Idaho residents can reduce the burden of high utility bills and rely less on the assistance program in following years. Unlike heating assistance, the weatherization program is available year round to eligible applicants. Some of the weatherization services that may be available to qualifying households include, but are not limited to:

  • Insulation installation.
  • Reducing air infiltration.
  • Heating system testing.
  • General site inspection.
  • Water heating testing.
  • Minor home repairs.

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What are the Idaho LIHEAP requirements?

Before you apply for LIHEAP in Idaho, it is a good idea to review the program’s eligibility requirements in order to determine whether you and your household may qualify for financial aid or weatherization assistance. To receive assistance from the LIHEAP program in Idaho, you must be a resident of the state and all members of your household must either be U.S. citizens or legal resident aliens.

LIHEAP income guidelines must be met in order to receive benefits from either part of the program. These income limits are determined by medium income levels and household size with larger households permitted higher income limits. While both parts of the program do require applicants to meet these income guidelines, it is also worth knowing that weatherization has higher income limits than that of electric and heat assistance. Therefore, even if you do not qualify for financial aid, you may still qualify for weatherization assistance.

To receive emergency utility assistance, your household must have either received a disconnect notice from a utility due to nonpayment or your household must have less than 48 hours of bulk fuel.

How to Apply for LIHEAP in Idaho

If you need utility assistance or weatherization aid in Idaho and you have reviewed the eligibility requirements for these programs, you can apply by contacting the local organization assigned to your county. A list of county organizations can be found online.

To apply for LIHEAP, you will need to provide the following:

  • The names and birthdates of all household members.
  • The Social Security numbers of all household members.
  • Your household’s electricity and heating vendor name and account number.
  • Proof of your residential address.
  • Proof of income for every adult household member.

An online LIHEAP application can be found online. Should you choose to submit an application online, you must email a completed application along with your required documents to the email address associated with your local Community Action Agency.

How much could LIHEAP pay in Idaho?

Idaho LIHEAP provides varying amount of assistance due to a few factors, such as funding availability, expected heating costs, household size, household income and many other factors. However, if you are approved for assistance, you will be informed as to the amount that your household is eligible to receive or the weatherization efforts that can be applied to your home at no cost to you.

Energy assistance is on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, if you may need assistance with the cost of utilities during the winter months, it is important to apply early. If assistance is not available, you may be eligible to be placed on a waiting list. However, this waiting list does not guarantee that your household will receive benefits.

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How can I check the status of my LIHEAP application?

After you apply for LIHEAP in Idaho, the only way that you can check the status of your application is by contacting your local organization that you applied with. Unfortunately, there is no way to review an application status online at this time. You may contact your local agency by phone in order to inquire about your application status. Additionally, you will most likely receive a notice by mail if you are approved for benefits, including the amount of benefits that you are approved for or the weatherization efforts that can be provided to you.