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Learn About LIHEAP in Colorado

Colorado LIHEAP, referred to as the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) within the state, provides heating costs assistance to low income families throughout the state in order to help communities keep warm during the winter season. Energy assistance is provided to eligible households and families through payment of a portion of heating costs to protect the welfare of families and individuals. Benefit amounts are determined based on a number of factors, such as fuel costs and income.

If you need utility assistance, it is recommended that you learn more about Colorado LEAP to determine whether you qualify for assistance and the type of benefits that you may be eligible for. Furthermore, it is important to learn when the program is active, how you can apply for benefits and the documents that you must provide alongside your application.

Learn About Types of LIHEAP Energy Assistance in Colorado

Heating assistance is available in Colorado through the LEAP program to low income residents of the state. This program runs seasonally from November through April. The low income home energy assistance program only provides financial assistance during the colder months and, therefore, assistance is not provided for energy costs during the summer. By learning more about this invaluable program, you can determine whether or not benefits may aid you and your family as well as whether or not your family may qualify for assistance.

LIHEAP works to keep communities warm during the winter months by providing assistance with the costs of heating, equipment repair within the home or the replacement of inoperable heating tools. The program is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating, and eligible applicants may be eligible to receive a onetime payment towards the cost of utilities during the season. Financial assistance is not, however, provided towards any type of temporary or portable heating. Households may only receive assistance one time each year.

If you are in need of emergency energy assistance during the season, your application may be expedited. Emergency assistance is generally only provided if your household has received a disconnection notice from a utility.

If you are approved for utility assistance in Colorado, the financial assistance will most likely be paid to your household’s energy supplier. If your heat is a part of your rent that is due each month, payments may be made directly to a landlord or housing company.

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What are the Colorado LIHEAP income requirements?

Before you apply for LIHEAP in Colorado, it is important to first look at the eligibility requirements associated with the program in order to determine whether you and your household may qualify to receive benefits. Familiarizing yourself with these eligibility requirements can also better prepare you for the application process.

To qualify for the LIHEAP program, you must be a resident of Colorado. Nonresidents will be referred to their own state program for assistance. You may be eligible for assistance if you earn a household income that does not exceed 165 percent of the federal poverty index. For this reason, income limits for households are reassessed each year and are based upon the size of your household.

Heating assistance may be available if you pay utility costs directly to a utility company or if you pay heating costs to a landlord as part of your rental agreement. As stated previously, the program does not provide assistance for any type of portable or temporary heating. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your home, LEAP may also provide financial assistance for the repair or replacement of a home’s primary heating system, such as a furnace or wood-burning stove.

How to Apply for LIHEAP in Colorado

You can apply for the utility bill assistance for low income families program in Colorado in a number of ways, including online, by fax, by mail, by email or in person. Submitting a LIHEAP application online is generally considered the most convenient way to apply for assistance, as applications can be submitted from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you may also fax or email a completed application, so long as your local LEAP office has email or fax capabilities. If you would rather do so, an application can be submitted by mailing the application to your local LIHEAP service location. Lastly, you can submit an application in person by visiting your local LEAP office.

A LIHEAP application can be found online or at your local LEAP office. By printing an application online, you open up several application method possibilities for yourself. When submitting an application, it is important to include documentation that will support the information that you have provided. Failing to provide this documentation could result in the delay or denial of your application.

When you apply for LIHEAP in Colorado, be sure to include the following documents with your application:

  • A valid photo ID, such as a passport, Colorado driver’s license or Colorado identification card.
  • Proof of income for the last 30 days for all household members who are 18 years of age or older.
  • A copy of your most recent heating bill, or, a copy of your most recent rent receipt if your heating is paid as part of your rent.
  • A copy of your utility disconnect notice, if applicable.

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How much could LIHEAP pay in Colorado?

The amount of LIHEAP assistance that you may be eligible to receive in Colorado is based on several factors, including the home’s primary heating fuel costs, household income and household size. If you and your family are approved for assistance, the financial assistance will generally be paid directly to your utility or landlord, and you will receive a notice by mail informing you of the benefit amount that your family was approved for.

How can I check the status of my LIHEAP application?

Once your Colorado LIHEAP application has been received, it will generally take your local office up to 50 days to process the application. However, if you are applying for emergency assistance, such as when you have received a disconnect notice from a utility company, applications can be expedited, should your household qualify for benefits.

You can check a LIHEAP application status by contacting your local LEAP office and inquiring about the status of your application. As stated previously, you will usually also receive a notice by mail informing you as to whether or not you qualify for assistance and the benefit amount that has been awarded to your family.